Finally, a better way to install base cabinets - The LevelEase Cabinet Installation System.
The new, patent-pending
LevelEase base-cabinet leveling clip for face-framed base cabinets is the first practical solution for easy base cabinet installation since wooden shims.

Save time and money
LevelEase clips are easy to attach, easy to adjust and are always fully accessible from the outside of the cabinet - even after installing cabinets next to them.

Get off your knees
You can even install an entire run of base-cabinets, screw the face frames together and still quickly and easily adjust each cabinet for level and plumb individually while standing on your feet looking at your level.



LevelEase Cabinet Leveling Clips install between two cabinets allowing access for adjustments from outside the cabinet at all times during  installation.


Our Exclusive patent-pending Dual-Channel design  adjusts two cabinets at once.

LevelEase inhibits the growth of mold from water-soaked cabinets
Homeowners love
LevelEase clips because base cabinets are installed "off the floor."  Cabinets can't wick up water from cleaning, spills or water leaks.  That means no cabinet deterioration  due to water damage.  Most importantly LevelEase clips promote air-flow beneath the cabinets and inhibit the growth of mold from water-soaked cabinets installed on the floor and with wooden shims.

"I'm a product engineer and I've been in the business for 28 years.  I've see them all and this is the best cabinet leveler I've ever seen."
Craig Smith - Hardware Consultant - Hafele

“I’ve been installing  cabinets for 32 years.  Every time I use LevelEase clips I like them more.  They’re so easy to use, I’ll        

  never use anything else again.”

  Rob Bruce—Custom Cabinet Maker